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Anna Ranch Tweet-Up in Waimea

January 31, 2010

Anna Ranch main room

Yesterday, the Anna Ranch Heritage Center in Waimea hosted the first-ever Waimea “Tweet-Up!”

We had a great turn-out, and the general consensus, I think, is that we must do this again.

(A little bird tells me that Patti Cook is already planning something, so my guess is that it won’t be long before Waimea hosts it’s second Tweet-Up.  Keep us posted, Patti!)

For the non-Twittering, a “Tweet-Up” is an In Real Life (IRL) meeting of people who have connected on Twitter (and, in this case, Facebook).  It’s taking an online relationship to the next level!  Really, at least in my opinion, it’s about building networks (professionally) and building community (personally).

Lynn Marie Lara gave an excellent “teaser tour” of the property and shared a short history of the Ranch as well as what visitors can expect in 2010.  The Ranch has lots of plans in the works!

Then, we had pupus and introductions, talking for a while about how we are using Social Media, both professionally and personally.

Here is a list of those who attended:

Thanks, everyone, who made this afternoon possible.  Especially to Lynn Marie Lara for hosting on such a busy day for the Ranch!  (Cathey and Cassandra, we’re hoping for recipes, too!)

(If you want to be part of the next Waimea Tweet-Up, just start following this list on Twitter.  And let us know if there are other Big Island Twitter users we should be following!)

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