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Misty Morning Walk in Kanehoa

June 10, 2010

A May 13th Public Information Statement from the National Weather Service says this about Hawaii’s current drought conditions:


The following image tells the story for the Big Island’s Kohala coast, where I spend most of my time these days (quite a change after living in Hilo for five years–where I’ve witnessed days when Hilo rainfall totals have exceeded 10 inches in a 24-hour period):

drought monitor

With this in mind, imagine my surprise when I headed out for a walk today and the early morning mist that I barely noticed as I walked out the door did NOT dissipate as the sun continued to rise over Waimea-Kohala.

Within just a few minutes of leaving the house, the mist turned into a light shower…and by the time I got home,  I was soaked!  Of course, I took a few photos along the way–and I wasn’t the only one who got caught in the rain!  How cute is this little guy?

Photo 1 of 4:

wet puppy

This adorable little guy (girl?) kept me company on the uphill part of my walk through Kanehoa. I thought he was lost, but when we made it to this driveway, he stopped to shake paws and headed home.

Photo 2:

double rainbow

The double rainbow appeared to stretch from Waikoloa all the way over to Kawaihae harbor. I wasn't sure the second one would show up in the photo, but I had to give it a try!

Photo 3:

clark realty sign

This is the only real estate sign still standing on the section of Kawaihae Road where I walk. The others have blown over or blown away. I had to pick up a Clark Realty sign and take it back to the Waimea office a few weeks ago when I found it on the other side of the highway from the listed property!

We currently have a “Red Flag” warning and wind advisory issued for the leeward sections of all islands.  “Strong and gusty trade winds” make conditions “favorable for rapid fire growth today.”

Photo 4:

Waimea hills

This is usually the photo I take to show how clear and beautiful it is on the Kohala coast. The hills were obscured today by a heavy mist, much later into the morning than usual!

Hawaii News Now’s Guy Hagi posted on this on Twitter today:

Don’t let the small splashes fool you, drought continues, mostly dry conditions persist.

So, in spite of today’s shower, we’ll keep hoping for more rain!

If you’re interested in seeing what a few homes in South Kohala’s Kanehoa Subdivision look like, you can view these listings on our website:

62-2204 Ouli St:  Current list price $574,000 – 3 acres, 1,400 sq ft

62-2166 Ouli St:  Current list price $894,500 – 5.43 acres, 2,871 sq ft

62-2145-A Ouli St:  Current list price:  $$1,329,900 – 2.97 acres, 5,500 sq ft

62-2163 Ouli St:  Current list price: $1,750,000 – 3.30 acres, 4,603 sq ft

*Links will be active until escrow contingencies are fulfilled or the listing is withdrawn.

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