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New Media Insight Worth Sharing

June 21, 2010

Just as I opened up my laptop today, this post appeared in my Tweetdeck feed:

Please Don’t Outsource Your Personality Jun 21 18:00:39 via TweetDeck

Words of Social Media Wisdom

Rene’s post captures a thought I’ve been mulling over for a while now–I recommend anyone using Social Media with any purpose other than purely for entertainment consider his points carefully.

Yes, of course, you can hire help–and some people should.  There are copywriters and ghostwriters and editors who can help with content.  You can get good advice for using new communication tools from strategists and consultants.  But, at the end of the day, no one can truly speak in YOUR voice.  And that is what Social Media is all about.

Rene’s Take

A systematized you that’s broadcasting into the crowd (for SEO) instead of entering into the conversation runs the risk of alienating the tribe. Your fabricated purchased Tweets, Facebook updates, and personal blog content could be construed as diss’n the community. You might find yourself unwelcome, or worse, ignored.

If your contributions to the Social Media community are perceived as a lazy effort to participate, you will be ignored and your effort, though already minimal, is wasted.  Worse yet, If you don’t learn the rules of the road and proceed to blatantly “spam” or direct sell, you will be unwelcome and probably blocked or even reported for abuse.

What’s the point of signing up, if you aren’t planning to learn to participate as a valuable resource for your audience?

You have to learn to listen for yourself and respond in your own voice.  Without that component, you are just broadcasting–only credible news sites and corporate entities (to a certain extent) can get away with that.

How to “Do” It Right?

Right about here you might expect I would be inserting a couple of links for “getting started with Social Media.”  But, a quick check of Chris Brogan’s blog gave me something even better.  From his post “Stepping In Do”

In our model, we think there are three stages to doing:

  • Experimenting – which is often done in private.
  • Executing – which is the doing part.
  • Extending – building a community around the effort.

Learn, do, grow.  The basics.


If you need resources for “doing” Social Media, explore Mashable’s Facebook and Twitter Guide Books for “how-to” lists and for ideas.  Or, just get out there and listen to your online community. 

Ask, listen, learn, do, grow. Yourself.  You can’t outsource “you.”

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