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asynchronicity: The 2010 Retropsective

December 12, 2010

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to take a look back at this asynchronicity endeavor and to explain the meaning of the title as I promised I would in my first post (“Aloha World” – December 29, 2009). A sincere mahalo to everyone who has read a post or two this year!

Why “asynchronicity”

When I started the blog, I was a semester away from graduation at UH-Hilo. In one of my communications classes, we discussed the concept of synchronous vs asynchronous communication.

The term asynchronous especially made an impression because of its applicability to web-based communication. So, when I decided to jump into “personal” blogging as a 2010 New Year’s resolution, I needed a title to get this blog started…asynchronicity. I like the word.

There is legitimate debate about the proper use of these terms, but one common understanding, as applied to communication, is synchronous = same time/same place communication and asynchronous = different time/different place.

Or, taking it back to the Greek:  a = absence of/not + synchronos = happening at the same time (from syn– “together” + khronos “time”) – asynchronicity

By the Numbers

My only goal for my personal blog in 2010 was to come up with two meaningful or informative posts each month and share them with a few people who would read them.  A few days ago, I realized that I will likely have 54 posts by the end of the year. Mission accomplished, times two! Once per week, on average. I’m happy with that.

Was it easy ? Not always. Mostly because of other writing obligations. I also now have  nearly 100 posts on the real estate blog, where I started contributing regularly in late 2009. And, I’ve contributed several posts to the Hawaii Vacation Blog after connecting with the editor, Cindy Scheopner, on Twitter earlier this year.

I really appreciate those of you who take a little time to read my posts from Hawaii and I’m looking forward to sharing more about the Big Island with you as time allows. I’m also considering going self-hosted in 2011. Another year, another challenge. (Or, maybe I’ll just get a little more opinionated in my posts next year…who wants to know what I REALLY think about Sarah Palin?)

Details, Details

Most Viewed Post in 2010:

Oh So Ono! Celebrating Locally Grown Fare at “Taste of the Hawaiian Range”

Busiest Day: Turtle Independence Day at Mauna Lani Bay

Most Comments: Yes I Did (Eat at Two Luaus in One Day)

My Personal Favorite: Signs of the Season in South Kohala

Any feedback you’d like to share about the asynch blog is appreciated. Or, if you have goals for blogging or participating in an online community in 2011, I’d enjoy hearing about them!

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  1. Diana permalink
    December 12, 2010 8:13 pm

    Great posts in 2010. Look forward to whatever 2011 may bring. I always open your posts/emails first. You are a gifted, interesting writer. “Carry on.”

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