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On the Fifth Day of My Big Island Christmas

December 25, 2010

On the First Day of my Big Island Christmas:

Christmas at Kona Village – Dining with the Chefs

Christmas at Kona Village

Kona Village Resort

Christmas at Kona Village

Christmas at Kona Village

Every December, Kona Village Resort on the Big Island’s Kohala Coast hosts a fundraiser to benefit local culinary arts and education programs. Jean Hull, the founder of this highly anticipated holiday gala, is the wife of the Broker-In-Charge of Clark Realty’s Kona office, so CRC agents and staff are strong supporters of the event.

This year, on December 4th, two friends and I made this our “Christmas girls’ night out,” knowing that the holidays would be busy and we would be in different places with family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  The food, prepared by Big Island chefs, was exceptional and we had a great time–as a matter of fact, we’ve been discussing reserving a table for 10 for next year!

On the Second Day of My Big Island Christmas:

Shopping for Locally Grown Food at Waimea’s Kekela Market

Kekela Market Waimea

Susan Selects Vegetables at Kekela Farm

Kekela Market beets

Sustainably Grown Local Produce

The two weeks after Christmas at Kona Village were busy ones, but as Christmas Day approached, my supervisor Susan and I took a late afternoon lunch so that we could go to the Tuesday market at Kekela Farms in Waimea (held weekly from 2pm to 5pm) to buy some of the ingredients we would need for our Christmas meals.

My main mission at Kekela on Tuesday was to buy bread from Sandwich Isle Bread Company to go with the White Chicken Chili I was making for a Winter Solstice meal. (Sadly, Hawaii weather was uncooperative on the night of Winter Solstice. Due to high cloud cover we weren’t able to see the lunar eclipse that coincided with the first night of winter for the first time since 1638.)

I also bought papaya and fresh Hawaiian Heart of Palm grown by Wailea Agricultural Group. Susan had the more colorful shopping list:  in addition to a couple of loaves of fresh bread, she took home leeks, cauliflower, a gorgeous winter squash and baby carrots in a variety of hues.

On the Third Day of My Big Island Christmas:

Parker School Farmers Market

Parker School Farmers Market Waimea

Parker School Farmers Market (9/2010)

Parker Market Waimea

A Community Gathering Place

On Thursday, December 23rd, Susan and I took another late lunch to make a quick trip to the special pre-Christmas Eve Parker School Farmers Market. We’re unbelievably lucky to work  just down the street from where the market is held. Once again, bread from Sandwich Isle Bread Company was on my shopping list (this time, olive bread). I also bought some truly divine Kona Raspberry and Lilikoi Muffins (they added a perfect extra-special touch to breakfast on Christmas Eve) and a Pineapple Kim Chee I’m-still-not-sure-what-to-call-it from Barrie Rose’s Tropical Fermentations.

On the Fourth day of my Big Island Christmas:

Charity Trees and an Afternoon at Mauna Lani Bay

Mauna Lani Resort charity trees

One of the Charity Trees at the Mauna Lani

Mauna Lani Bay Hotel

Poinsettias at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel

Beach at Mauna Lani

A Hazy Kohala Coast Afternoon

Mauna Lani Bay

Mauna Lani Bay

An afternoon on the Kohala Coast has been a Christmas Day tradition for us for a few years now. This year, we had plans for dinner with friends in Waimea on Friday night and then plans in Hilo for Saturday, so we went down to see the Charity Trees in the Mauna Lani lobby and to watch a West Hawaii sunset on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. Unfortunately, it was a rather voggy afternoon, so we spent just a few minutes watching the turtles and birds playing in the water before calling it a day and heading home to prepare for dinner and the Hamakua coast drive.

Back in Hilo, Christmas Day was reserved for relaxing and talking with mainland friends and family, then we went out for dinner at a restaurant that holds special memories for us. We ended the day with a Glenkinchie toast to the holiday. If you’re still reading, Sláinte to you!

On the Fifth Day of My Big Island Christmas:

It has been a wonderful December, but it’s not over yet. Susan and I decided not to exchange gifts at the office this year, but we do have plans for a special lunch on Monday. Since this is already an unusually long blog post, I’ll save details about the fifth day of my Hawaii Christmas for another time.

It’s just a few minutes before midnight in Hawaii, so there’s still time to say…

Mele Kalikimaka to you and your ohana!

(Kohala Coast resorts and Waimea Farmers Markets are common themes in my “Days of Christmas” reflection this year. For those who were in Hawaii for Christmas, what are your favorite ways to celebrate the holidays in the islands?)

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