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Walk With Me: Kona Bay Estates

March 24, 2011

Located just a short distance from the energy and activity of  Kailua-Kona’s Ali’i Drive, Kona Bay Estates is one of West Hawaii’s private oceanfront residential subdivisions, Kona Bay Estates.

I had an opportunity to stay in Kona Bay Estates on Monday and Tuesday night this week while I was working from Clark Realty’s Kona and Keauhou offices. On my first night at the vacation rental, I watched from the back lanai as people walked or jogged past on the low rock wall that separates the property from the shoreline. On the second night, I went out to walk along the wall myself just a few minutes before sunset.

Most of the following 17 (unedited) photos were taken with my Droid phone as I walked from the end of Kona Bay Estates toward “Keiki Beach” and Kona Bay. The last few were taken as I walked back and found a place to sit on the wall to watch a beautiful West Hawaii sunset.

(In the 6th photo you will see the public beach access path. Hawaii law guarantees access to the shoreline below the “upper reaches of the wash of the waves.” More info here.)

View from the Lanai

Not only was the view from along the wall an inspiring (and calming) one, the view from the lanai of the second floor of the house held a few surprises as well. On Wednesday morning, the perfectly timed (20 minutes before my alarm) noise of birds in the palm trees outside woke me to the sight one of the cruise ships that visits the Big Island passing by just past the shoreline. With this to greet me, I wasn’t too upset with the birds.

Kona Bay Estates Cruise Ship

The ship just after it passed by the lanai of the vacation rental in Kona Bay Estates

Kona Bay Estates Cruise Ship

The ship stopped here for a while - I could see passengers taking photos of Kona Bay

Plan a Visit 0r Buy a Home

If you are interested in a Kona Bay Estates vacation rental, VRBO has several listings you can browse. (As I walked past this one I stopped to admire the infinity pool!) If you want to browse the homes currently for sale in Kona Bay Estates, visit this page on the Clark Realty website to see active listings.

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